Creative led display solution for Rome metro city

         Metro is more than a transportation artery of the city, it also represents the image of the city. LED display, as a facade of metro, has very high requirement for stability. As a leading company in the industry of LED display, Luxon Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd has been specializing in the industry for more than 10 years. Countless projects have been created by Luxon, it has rich experience of the application of LED display on transportation.

        This screen is located in the passage of metro station in Rome for advertisement and guiding people in the metro station. This has great significance for the maintenance of order in the station and the wide spread of information. Luxon’s indoor full color LED display has high brightness and it can be adjusted to adapt to the light changes in different period in the station. In addition, this display has extremely high flatness, rich and exquisite color, and high refresh rate. The picture can be switched smoothly to make a first-class display effect. As an important supporting facility in the station, the performance of Luxon’s LED display is stable and reliable. The display has a very high performance-price ratio.