project features:

          As an information delivery link between regions and countries, it plays an important role in broadening human being’s horizon. Meanwhile, the studio is one of the most important ways in fast collecting information. The interface of the traditional studio has the disadvantages of low interface brightness, small viewing angle, obscure images and high-demanding in using environment so that it can’t achieve the maximum values.

          Luxon puts out the small pixel pitch die-casted serie. It perfectly combines the seamless splicing technology with the broadcasting system. Relying on the advantages of HD seamless display terminals, flexible economical display sizes and convenient fast installation and dismentaling functions, combination of audio and video sources and flexible segmentation and combination of images, Luxon’s screens can perfectly show the information to the clients from all walks of life.

Technical features:

1.Aluminum cabinet, flat and seamless connection with high precision, good heat dissipition, supporting “real seamless connection” at any size.

2.Brightness and chromaticity calibration, realizing the high restoratioin and uniformity.

3.Wide viewing angles, high constract (3000:1), high brightness (adjustable), high gray scale (14bit), high refresh rate (1920HZ), soft images, lifelike images, high-speed animated image display.

4.High gray scan at low brightness, stepless adjustable brightness, perfectly suitable for various indoor display environments with brighter and more detailed images.

5.Light and slim cabinets, small space occupation, easily be transported, installed and dismantled.

6.Connected with professional video processors and mosaics, supporting Hi-Fi synchronous processing machine display of varied signals.

7.Special lock structure for the connection of cabinets, no need of other tools, fast and convenient installation and dismentaling.

8.Fan-free design, silence, low power consumption, low EMI, long lifespan (more than 100,000 hours), convenient maintenance, saving operation and maintenance cost.

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