Project features:

        Nowadays, outdoor media plays a more and more important part in the media area. Traditional outdoor display equiments have the disadvantages of limited display distance, low brightness, unclear images, complicated processes on changing display contents and unconvenient operation.

        Luxon puts out its brand new Rainbow serie, i.e. outdoor rental LED screens, which perfectly combines seamless HD display technologies with stage broadcasting system. Relying on the advantages of powerful display terminals, flexible economical display sizes and convenient fast installation and dismentaling functions, combination of audio and video sources and flexible segmentation and combination of images, Luxon’s screens can realize perfect display and amazing viewing effect.

Technical features:

1.Applying super-bright LED driven by low power, suitable for any requirement on outdoor brightness.

2.High refresh, high gray scale, more lifelike images, meeting the requirements of high viewing quality in business application area.

3.Applying PFC power supplies, stable power supply.

4.System of screen environment monitoring, knowing the operation situation of screens.

5.Switches which realize the fixed-time control and remote real-time control

6.Supporting network group control, which is the control of screens all over the world at one place, permitting any change of display contents at your will.

7.Light sensing control system, adjusting the brightness of screens according to the change of outdoor light intensity, energy-saving, environment-friendly and cost-saving.

8.Designing reliable protective levels according to the features of the outdoor environment, screen heat dissipation design, stable work for a long time with the rigorous manufacturing technologies.


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