Founded  in 2005 with RMB 70 million registered capital

Wholly-owned subsidiary of Han’s Laster(stock code:002008)

National high-tech enterprise(ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified)

50000sqm first-class fully automatic and dust-free workshop

The biggest LED encapsulation and  application manufacturer with the most complete industry chain China

Products:complete series of LED encapsulation products,modules for indoor and outdoor LED screen,and LED display


Focused on the encapsulation market and devoted to promoting and brand value from 2005 to 2009


Relying on the strong capital strength of Han’s Laser in 2010, a comprehensive, large-scale introduction was made of over 30 most advanced brand new domestic and international automatic packaging production lines and complete trust laboratory equipments to create the most professional LED encapsulation brand in China 

A self-developed and fully automatic display production line was built to launch the high quality and cost-effective application products


Luxon’s products were widely applied to various shows of CCTV and many well-known entertainment programs such as Voice of China and China’s got talents


Luxon’s products were adopted in the CCTV spring festival gala,drama gala,legal channel and many other large-scale events    

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