project features:

       High-profile entertainment places such as discotheques, night clubs and karaoke rooms enter people’s sight at a fast speed and stimulate the youngsters’ nerve. Magnificent stages not only bring hot-blooded passion to people but also rather high income to bosses.

       Luxon puts out its brand new LED rental screens, which perfectly combine seamless HD display technologies with stage broadcasting system. Relying on the advantages of powerful display terminals, flexible economical display sizes and convenient fast installation and dismentaling functions, combination of audio and video sources and flexible segmentation and combination of images, Luxon’s screens can realize perfect display and amazing viewing effect.

Technical features:

1.Brightness and chromaticity calibration, realizing the high restoratioin and uniformity.

2.angles, high constract (3000:1), high brightness (adjustable), high gray scale (14bit), high refresh rate (1920HZ), soft images, lifelike images, high-speed animated image display.

3.High gray scan at low brightness, stepless adjustable brightness, perfectly suitable for various indoor display environments with brighter and more detailed images.

4.Light and slim cabinets, small space occupation, easily be transported, installed and dismantled.

5.Connected with professional video processors and mosaics, supporting Hi-Fi synchronous processing machine display of varied signals.

6.Special lock structure for the connection of cabinets, no need of other tools, fast and convenient installation and dismentaling.

7.With professional audio and video processing system, supporting live broadcast, super-large and clear live images, breaking the limit on seats, making audiences watch performances easily from a long distance, making audiences feel personally on the scene by watching and listening. Realizing the special backgrounds such as splendid occasions, replay of slow motion and close-up shots.

8.Fan-free design, silence, low power consumption, low EMI, long lifespan (more than 100,000 hours), convenient maintenance, saving operation and maintenance cost.

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