Project features:

          Small pixel pitch HD LED display technology, is the use of high-density, small pitch packaged LED as a display panel that supports the whole screen seamless splicing to form a high-resolution digital display system, can fully meet the needs of high-definition television broadcasting, command and control a wide range of applications, screen monitor, display and other areas of the Conference, the representative of today's latest direction indoor display technology, with its superior performance, led indoor display technology trends

Technical features: 

1.Die-casting aluminum panel, to achieve high precision process to seamless and good thermal dissipation; to support the entire screen of any size to "a truly seamless splicing

2.Point by point highlights, color calibration, making sure whole screen brightness and color consistency with highly reductive

3.Wide viewing angle, high contrast (3000: 1), high brightness (adjustable), high intensity (14bit gradation processing), high refresh (1920HZ refresh rate ;), softer image, display lifelike images to meet the high-speed motion picture display

4.Low brightness with high grayscale; adjustable screen brightness and height to meet different requirements on brightness in different indoor place; Beautiful picture; perfect screen performance.

5.Light LED panel with smaller space and easy for transportation and assembly.

6.Professional video splicing system; supporting a variety of processor synchronization signal fidelity display

7.sign between panels, tool-free for fast and convenient assembly.

8.Fan less, silent working, low power, low EMI, high life (100,000 hours long life), easy maintenance, saving operating and maintenance costs

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