The symbol of outdoor LED display commercial landmarks - Longguang Commercial Plaza

         212 square meters outdoor LED display Shenzhen Luxon Optoelectronic Technology., LTD. has occupied the highest position of the new landmark of Longguang Commercial Plaza in Nanning, Guangxi. The outdoor LED display has been popular with outdoor advertising media in recent years. It is widely used in the urban area which concentrated high-end commercial center media display, information Release, traffic guidance, creative display, etc.

         At present, local governments have gradually cancel the approval of canvas advertising and light box advertising, and recommended to use outdoor LED displays. Outdoor LED displays are an ideal substitute for canvas advertisements and light box advertisements. Luxon’s LED display is focused on energy-saving, eco-friendly and high-quality products, and it is dedicated to serving for high-end industries. Because the outdoor LED display of Nanning Longguang Commercial Plaza has a large ares, a series of problems appeared. After they used the phantom series display of Luxon, all problems are solved. Luxon Phantom series outdoor LED display screen adapt die-casting aluminum technology, together with the high-procession CNC procession, makes the procession reach +/-0.1mm; flatness is good (full screen error <0.3MM), durable. The cabinet only weighs 13kg; light and thin, easy to install, it also can be installed according to the special shape of the building, with strong flexibility and convenient maintenance in the later period. Considering that the LED display is exposed to the outdoors for a long time, it always meets wind, rain, dust erosion all the year round. Luxon self-packaged SMD2022 lamp beads, using black outer white and high waterproof structure design, imported raw material PPA copper bracket and gold Line package, aluminum alloy die-casting box; self-designed FR4 material PCB; national standard wire; pure PC material kit, Sreman glue, can solve outdoor wind, rain, earthquake, dust and other factors. Ultra-high brightness, high waterproof structure, high contrast, low attenuation, strong UV resistance, etc.; It can be used both indoor and outdoor.

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