The students from top science and engineering university in the Netherlands come to Luxon for technical exchanges and feeling corporate culture

        Introduction: University of Twente (or Twente University) is a comprehensive institution of higher learning with a modern entrepreneurial spirit, and it offers research and degree programmes in the social and behavioural sciences and in technology. In keeping with its enterprising spirit, the University is committed to making an economic and social contribution to the region of the Netherlands where it is based. In 2001, Twente University ranked first in the overall ranking of Dutch universities. Twente University is a member of 3TU (the other two being Delft and Eindhoven)and the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU). On August 8th, 2018, the teachers and students of the University of Twente visited Han’s Laster and Luxon Optoelectronics for an in-depth visit and study. Students can visit R&D of the product, operation and maintenance management, technical service and other working environments.

         Over the years, Luxon LED display screen has been exported to the European market, the product application technology and quality have been recognized by European customers, and  through the strongly recommended by customers, on August 8, 2018, the teachers and students of Twente university came to our company for technical exchange and study. By visiting, listening and practicing for themself, students can have more direct and comprehensive understanding of enterprises, which will provide guidance for their future practice and employment.

        Our staff showed them the company working environment, exhibition hall and product production line, and Introduced the history of Luxon LED development . In the sharing session, We also guided students to apply what they learned in class to their future work based on their own experience, and the systematic professional explanations received enthusiastic applause from the students present. The active interaction of the students makes the sharing session very harmonious, and the students show strong curiosity about the new knowledge, which fully reflects the serious learning attitude and efficient learning ability of students in Twente.

         Through this activity, students actually know the on-site production situation, production equipment and product technology of the factory. At the same time, our company has promoted the combination of production and R&D, laying a foundation for future development and talent resource reserve.