Luxon Han’s Laser and the procuratorate of Kuiwen District, Weifang City create modern information construction

          Recently, Luxon Han’s Laser’s project about small pitch LED display has been accomplished; this project mainly carried out for procuratorate in Kuiwen District, Weifang City, Shandong Province. P1.9mm small pitch LED display is the mainstream. The length of it is 3.6m, and the width is1.8m, the total size is 6.4 square kilometers. The screen achieves seamless assembly, ultra-wide viewing angle, natural colors, makes pictures clearer and more colorful. Small pitch LED display is more suitable for the watching habits and the environmental adaptability which include brightness and installation than traditional products, such as DLP, LCD. The procuratorate will develop various information propaganda and policy communication work through the perfect display effect of LED display. The procuratorate will make better service for people and our government. This project makes sense for the procuratorate.


         There are many famous manufacturers of LED display in China during this bidding process. Why Luxon became the partner of the procuratorate? There are some reasons as following:

         First, Luxon has always the LED encapsulation and application manufacturer since 2005. Luxon owned a technical management team which has more than 10 years experience in LED display, it satisfy the customization.

         Second, Luxon Han’s Laser has great core competence.

         Small pitch LED display has high gray scale and high refresh rate while low brightness technology. Colors is still natural when the screen brightness is reduced to 200CD, high refresh rate ensure the effect photoed by HD camera.

         Small pitch LED display has the skin restore function. It totally adapt the habits of eyes, truly shows colors in nature, make pictures clearer. Small pitch is suitable for short distance indoor application. So many clients are conquered by small pitch of Luxon Han’s Laser. These clients are very selective about products.

         At last, we always uphold the concept which makes clients feel relieved in service. Every project is customized; including engineering drawing, purchase materials, production process and installation testing. Luxon’s products totally meet the procuratorate’s need. So it became the winner.

        Small pitch LED display uses for command centers, security monitoring center, and conference rooms and military demonstration centers. It becomes the first choice for clients. Luxon Han’s Laser will work hard to make better products for clients, leads small pitch achieve progress in the future.

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