Check out the Spring Festival Gala and see how Luxon displays took the throne of the stagecraft industry

       The afterheat of the Spring Festival Gala is still in the air while the 8-minute Beijing floods the screen again. From the former to the latter, the delicate stage design, the stunning stagecraft and the colorful stage lighting are all attractive and enjoyable, which not only benefits from the unique creativity of the stage designer, but also the ever-upgrading LED displaying technology. It’s because of the every endeavor made by the LED practitioners that we are able to have a shining stage and the extravaganza of the Spring Festival Gala.

       Han’s Luxon, the LED supplier of CCTV Spring Festival Gala for 7 consecutive years, presents an all-new visual feast on the stage for the public audience every year with continuous innovation and perfection of LED application technology. In 2018, the LED display products and technology showcased by Luxon on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala includes over 1500 square meters of P3 HD display at the main session and more than 500 square meters of P4.8 floor tile LEDs. The whole stage presents a red Chinese character “中” which means central, bringing an entirely new visual experience to the audience all over the country. The 3D presentation, stage moving in the air and the Chinese character with intense Chinese flavor delivers to the whole world an immense taste of the Chinese New Year in a lively atmosphere. 


        From adopting LED displays of a well-known Belgium brand at the early stage to using the domestic brand of LED, the stage of Spring Festival Gala has witness lots of changes. From Olympic Games to G20, domestic LED displays are playing a more and more important role in the international market, convincing everyone to trust “made in China”. During the cooperation over the past seven years, Han’s Luxon is always improving its product performance, striving to bring an even more fantastic and innovative visual experience to the eye-catching CCTV programs. Han’s Luxon always keeps a long-term close partnership with the radio and television industry, and will continue the innovation and promotion of visualization technology, so as to provide the radio and television industry with more diversified and reliable displaying solutions.