6 reasons for choosing the outdoor full color LED advertisement display

1.Comparison of exterior design

         Luxon’s advertisement kiosk is made up of small modules, which offers seamless connection, customizable screen size and even concave curve. By contrast, restrained by the size of LCD panel, LCD advertisement kiosk is limited in screen size and cannot create curve.

2.Comparison of brightness

3.Comparison of refresh rate

4.Comparison of gray scale

5.Comparison of screen control

Multiple screens can be shown on the full color LED advertisement kiosk, which can hardly be done on a LCD display.

6.Comparison of power consumption

      From the SMD to assembly of products to leave factory, luxon controls all parts, which is beneficial to good for controlling the quality of our products and give more believable grantee about products quality to our client. 

      All in all, comparied with LCD display, LED has obvious advantages and wider application scopes. Besides, Luxon’s dedicated to high level user experience and bringing the customers their money’s worth.